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About Toronto's Award Winning Event Planner – Barb Sauder

Barb Sauder, Toronto event planner Barb Sauder is a seasoned professional in the event planning field. After offering her creative and organizational skills to community projects, she discovered that her talents were well suited to corporate and social event planning.

Having attended George Brown College for Event & Meeting Management Program, Barb also taught a semester of the College's Fundraising & Sponsorship course. Three years of event planning and production with a premier event planning firm and another three with her own firm, Anomaly Events, put her knowledge into practice.

With a varied background including studies of Law and Political Science at Carleton University, many years as a floral designer at Eunice Denby Flowers, and countless hours organizing community fundraisers, Barb brings a wealth of experience to the table for every client and new project.

Her full understanding of audio visual equipment and staging requirements for performers allows her to effectively translate "tech talk" for her clients. Another skill in her tool chest is her familiarity with film and video production.

Keeping her overhead low, Barb strikes strategic partnerships and employs a team of experienced, trusted freelance event planners to support event coordination and management on large jobs, while maintaining a hands-on approach to all her projects.

Calm, pragmatic and unflappable, Barb Sauder can make your conference, meeting or social event the winning marketing strategy in this new economy.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."
Theodore Levitt, Economist/Professor Harvard Business School

Hire a professional. Hire experience. Hire an expert. Hire Barb Sauder.


Carleton University for Law & Political Science
George Brown College for Event & Meeting Management

Highlights of Barb Sauder's Event Planning Career

Nominated for the "Best Conference" Award at the 2011 Canadian Event Industry Award for her work on the 2010 STLHE Conference.
Recipient of an ISES Esprit Award, 2008 ISES Best Team Effort Budget $75,000 – $200,000 USD, "Palace of Versailles".
Provided event planning and management for the highly successful 2010 STLHE Conference of 700+ post-secondary educators from around the world. It took place in downtown Toronto during the week that coincided with the G20 Summit.
Provided the onsite management of a huge and very successful holiday event for a major automaker. This extravaganza required six full days to install Audio Visual elements; food service for 3,500 guests including set up of 8 satellite kitchens; décor for 350 tables; and management of the entertainment lineup which included 5 aerialists, a Rock and Roll band, Taiko drummers, a Koto ensemble and a performance by a group known as The Three Painters.
Was the lead in managing, organizing and coordinating the catering, staffing, cleaning, security, audio visual and entertainment components of a multi-million dollar cross country trade show as it travelled by barge down the St. Lawrence Seaway for a major multinational corporation.
Proudest Achievement was helping to create 'Playscape 2000'; a project which transformed a barren school yard into an incredible "castle" themed playground for the entire Hillcrest community in Toronto by raising $250,000 through in kind donations, sponsorships and grants and managing the construction using both skilled tradespeople and a huge volunteer army for two weeks during September, 2000.

Barb Sauder Article in "The Planner" - Leading Industry Magazine

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