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Social Event Planner in Toronto

Your company's social events are important to effectively manage your work force, from the shop floor to the top floor of your organization. Seeing co-workers in a relaxed, non-business context helps to break down the barriers often found between departments and positions within your organization. Sharing fun lubricates the machinery of business relationships.

The country's best companies recognize the crucial benefit found in social gatherings. The respected Canadian business publication, The Financial Post, holds a competition each year to discover the Financial Post's Ten Best Companies to Work For, Employers were not only rated on growth within their industry and the size and expansion of their workforce but also rated on "soft" criteria including "Work Atmosphere & Social".

When planning your Toronto event, Barb Sauder is committed to finding the ideal activity that engages your company's people and reflects your company's mission.

A day of Dragon Boat Racing will have your people pulling together and cheering each other's victories.
A Battle of the Bands contest at your next company picnic can find the CEO exchanging guitar riffs with the young intern in the mailroom.
A boat cruise with pirates boarding and making the president walk the plank; a corporate take-over on the high seas.

Contact Toronto Event Planner Barb Sauder to see just how stress free planning your next event can be! Consultation and proposal preparation is always free.



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